Implementation Measures for “Tsinghua University Postdoctoral Support Program”


—Approved at the First Meeting of Postdoctoral Administration Committee of Tsinghua University in the Academic Year 2010/11 —

The primary goal of the “Tsinghua University Postdoctoral Support Program” (hereinafter referred to as the “Support Program”) is to further improve the quality of postdoctoral cultivation of Tsinghua University. In accordance with the spirit of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Postdoctoral Training of Tsinghua University, the “Support Program” was designed, aiming to attract more excellent doctors to conduct postdoctoral researches in the university, to help promote the continuous development of postdoctoral training, and accelerate the cultivation of a large number of top talents with strategic, innovative spirits, interdisciplinary background and international vision.

        Article 1 The Support Program is divided into two types.

Type A.

We plan to support those who are going to obtain the doctoral degree conferred by renowned overseas universities within a year or have won the National Hundred Outstanding Papers Award. All applicants of our support are expected to be less than 35 years old.

For those selected into the Support Program, an annual subsidy of RMB 50,000 will be provided, besides the postdoctoral working performance salary.

Type B.

 It supports fresh doctoral graduates who have won the title of “excellent doctoral graduates” from universities in the “985 Project”; the graduates shall generally be less than 35 years old.  

For those selected for the “Support Program”, an annual subsidy of RMB 30,000 will be provided, besides the postdoctoral working performance salary.

Article 2 Selection Procedure

Eligible candidates need to submit application materials.

1. The applicant shall submit required application materials (refer to the “Detailed Regulations for Implementing Tsinghua University Postdoctoral Administrative Provisions”) to the applied colleges, or departments (institutes) and provide relevant certificates.

2. The leading group in charge of postdoctoral work of the college and department (institute) shall examine applicants qualifications.

3.   The shortlist of the candidates shall be presented to the Postdoctoral Administration Committee for approval by the Office of Postdoctoral Administration of Tsinghua University, which will later notify those admitted to the postdoctoral “Support Program”. 

Article 3 Supplementary Provision

These measures shall be implemented from January 1, 2012. The Office of Postdoctoral Administration of Tsinghua University shall be responsible for organizing the implementation and interpreting these measures.



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